Car, Boat, and Motorcycle Stereos

Quality Matters

Your car stereo is one of the most valued subsystems in your vehicle. Without a good source of sound for the rest of your system, the sound quality will suffer when it finally gets to your ears. That is why it is important to choose quality stereo products. We stock many stereo components and accessories for most vehicle makes and models. We can also set up a custom sound system for your car, boat (marine safe audio), truck, SUV, motorcycle, minivan, bus, golf cart, etc.

Touchscreen Stereos

Come and check out the various options we have in CD receivers and no-mechanism receivers for those of you who have gone 100% digital. Today’s in-dash car stereo components offer powerful built-in amplifiers, extensive audio controls, and connection options for smart phones, iPods, MP3 players and other gear. Many also offer Bluetooth connectivity to both stream your music wirelessly as well as take phone calls via the car stereo.

Most in-dash video/navigation systems offer touch screen controls, large easy-to-see displays, and turn-by-turn voice guidance which allow you to play DVDs away from home and get navigation directions on the way to your destination!

Smartphone Enabled and/or Satellite Radio

Apple-CarPlayWe sell and install Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enabled stereos that allow you to seamlessly use your smartphone to stream your music through the car as well as utilize many hands-free apps. SiriusXM satellite radio is also available through your car stereo using one of our plug-and-play satellite radio car stereo component accessory kits.

Car Stereo Equalizers, Line Drivers, Crossovers & Sound Processors

Equalizers allow you to adjust and organize the signal traveling from your receiver to your amplifiers and shape the sound of your car stereo system. Sound processors maximize the performance of your amplifiers and speakers, and adjust your system for your car stereo acoustics. Crossovers are a network to direct the right frequencies to their various amplifiers and speakers. These are required for sophisticated amplified car stereo systems. Line drivers boost car stereo voltage level to the maximum level accepted by your system’s amps and components. This way you get maximum car stereo performance with minimum unwanted noise.

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