Car, Boat, and Motorcycle Audio Systems

Audio Equipment Sales & Installation

At Radio-Active Care Audio in Garner, NC we sell and install just about anything you could want or need for your car to sound it’s best! Including: Radios, Mobile Video Receivers, Speakers, Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Wireless Audio/Video, Back-Up Cameras, Car Security Systems / Remote Starters / Keyless Entry and much, much more!

Installation Accessories

We only stock the best installation accessories in the industry for your project! Our parts ensure quality fitment and have the correct engineering specifications to ensure the highest power handling and protection for your equipment and ensure your audio / video system will last for years to come. Come to us first and get the quick engineering lesson on why our installation accessories are the ones you want to buy the first time! Don’t buy the same part several times trying to make your equipment work right because they are not the right specifications and risk damage to your equipment!

Custom Designed / Built Enclosures

We stock the highest quality enclosures for best subwoofer performance, endurance, no air leaks, made from high-grade materials of heavier weight and better assembled for very long lasting boxes. We can also build custom-designed enclosures to meet tight-fitted vehicle design requirements, hidden location mounting and custom color matching of carpets and paints to bring you the best in enclosure and speaker grille assembly.

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