Car, Boat, and Motorcycle Speakers

Car Speaker Replacements and Upgrades

Radio-Active Car Audio offers quality replacements for worn out factory speakers or upgrades for your car speakers that aren’t delivering the sound quality that you are looking for. Factory speakers try to do all things and do a poor job of reproducing the entire frequency range from a single speaker. Aftermarket car speakers are best at reproducing tones in the middle bass to treble frequencies of sound. Aftermarket leaves the job of bass reproduction up to the subwoofer. Our speaker replacement solutions are sure to deliver the clearest, most powerful sound possible for whatever price point that you have and provide anywhere from double to triple the power output of standard factory speakers.

Coaxial Car Speakers

In a coaxial speaker, the largest part of the circle is the cone and in a standard speaker reproduces the middle-bass to middle frequency range of sound. In the center of a typical coaxial speaker, you will also find the tweeter, which reproduces the high/treble frequencies. Coaxial car speakers are a great solution to replace similar factory-replacement speaker upgrade since they “drop in” with little custom fabrication or re-wiring.

Component Speaker Systems

Component speakers physically separate the parts of a coaxial speaker. The tweeter is not located in the center of the cone and is placed elsewhere (usually in the door or in the dash). By separating the parts of the speaker, you usually end up with a slightly larger tweeter for better sound quality as well as a crossover box (electronics) that separates the sound coming into the speaker set into the appropriate signal for each of the two pieces of the component (the tweeter and the mid). These have started to appear in factory sound systems but the factory still utilizes the same standard paper element that wears out quickly and delivers poor sound quality where aftermarket components excel with superior materials and stronger magnets to provide more power and less distortion of sound when you crank up the volume.


Tweeters are small high-frequency car speakers that are specialized at reproducing the higher frequencies of sound. They are usually located closer to your ears so you can hear more of the details in your music. We have a selection of tweeters to replace worn out factory pieces or to add them to other locations in the vehicle to enhance sound clarity where the factory forgot to include it.

Center Channel Car Speakers

With newer vehicles integrating more sophisticated sound processing, home theater has come to the automobile and we see separation of audio recordings where the center can be better directed to the listener in the vehicle’s sound stage. We have a selection of smaller speakers to replace or upgrade factory center speakers and provide even better clarity of the dialogue of your in-vehicle movie soundtrack.

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